Saturday, June 18, 2011

The more I research veganism and other people's view points online, the more I run into angry responses. There seems to be so much hate surrounding a diet that claims to be non-harming and compassionate, and the anger isn't only from the omnivores. I've found that vegans can be just as angry if not more so than omnivores, spewing hateful words left and right like it's a sport. Recently Christina Pirello posted an article with her views on why omnivores seem to get so defensive over veganism. She raised some interesting points, but I feel that she failed to address the problem of omnivores getting upset as a reaction the vegans who are soap box preachy and all holier than thou. I believe this reaction to Pirello's post offers a more level headed approach to dealing with angry omnivores, it also generated kinder comments in response.
Personally, I believe people are going to argue no matter what. Some people you meet are going to be put off by veganism and get rude as a result whether you instigated an argument or not. Just remember that we're all human and should be treated with respect and compassion. :)

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